In-house Lenders

Corporate & Individual lending automation for manufecturers, distributors and retailers

Offer loans to your clients directly, without the intermediate party. Apply an advanced, end-to-end digital lending solution to increase your market share, make your approval procedure more efficient, and improve customer interactions.

Discover the advantages of intelligent In-house lending for manufacturers, distributors and retailers

1. The average order value (AOV) +58%. 

2. Average purchase frequency (APF) in 1 month +20%.

3. The sales conversion rate (SCR) +44%.

4. Take advantage of a 2-6% bonus: keep from 2% to 6% transaction costs in-house, as well as any additional interest or fees that third-party suppliers would charge.

Lend without any intermediaries with our easy-to-use and scale solution

Enhance client experience with bank-grade technologies that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. 

Improve your credit risk management without addressing a traditional lender.

Increase conversion rate by speeding up your digital lending and eliminating human error.

Our fintech solution

Service providers and retailers can benefit from smart automation of the whole lending process.

Cutting-edge AI-powered Cloud-based Platform 

You will enjoy the highest growth rate and the lowest credit risks thanks to a user-friendly interface and a patented AI-driven Decision Engine. In a single cloud-based integrated system, SaaS combines a customer portal, automatic order processing, and flexible business logic. Experience full end-to-end lending automation with Compassway.
Adjustable Functionality
The platform supports extensive customization; no modifications to the system's source code are required. SaaS allows you to run complicated lending processes using adjustable and user-friendly interfaces. The solution can be white-labeled and includes specialized workspaces for various staff roles as well as in-store debtors.

Reliable Integrations

Integrations are extremely important for in-house finance companies. All third-party data sources and software suppliers you need are perfectly compatible with Compassway.

Non-payment Risk Mitigation
Compassway system employs DNNs to perform credit decisions and decrease non-payment risk. Making both automatic and semi-automatic credit decisions with SaaS takes seconds and guarantees you're dealing with the right debtors under the right conditions.
Simple Debt Collection Procedure
Compassway ensures complete debt collection automation for any in-house finance organization, regardless of the scale. You may tailor the debt collection procedure, receive payments directly to your account, and report on collected installments thanks to our user-friendly built-in features and payment provider integrations.

What we offer

Smart Automation

We start off by end-to-end digital lending automation. Compassway is a powerful and highly adjustable platform that enables paperless procedures and smooth workflows.

Credit Scorecard Evaluation
We combine standard credit bureau scoring with a copyrighted AI-powered scorecard, as well as some alternative approaches to analyze borrower data.
System Personalization
Streamline your operations by selecting the features that perfectly meet your specific needs, and our support team will design a smooth loan program for your finance enterprise.

Why choose Compassway

Credit Decision-making without Compassway - 3 days.

Operative Performance Without Compassway - low.

Credit Decision-making with Compassway - 30 seconds.

Operative Performance With Compassway - +267%.

Compassway retail for business

Compassway Retail Platform for small businesses is an intelligent cloud-based solution that takes just one day to deploy and can be perfectly suited to your business.

Developing a unique proposal for you & Negotiations - 1 week. 

Initial Project Assessment & Research - 1 week.

Implementation & Customization - 2-8 weeks.

Maintenance & Support - Included.

Compassway retail for business

IT Project Manager

  • Adjustable No-Code Solution;
  • Reliable Cybersecurity;
  • Automatic Regular System Backups;
  • Cutting-edge API Tools;
  • Tech Support from Competent Professionals;
  • Deployment on Your Hosting Platform;
  • Customizable Notifications.

Business Owner

  • All-in-one Solution;
  • Total Automation;
  • Quick Loan Approval Procedure;
  • Anti-fraud Measures;
  • Effective Risk Management;
  • Immediate Reports;
  • White Labeling.
​Chief Operating Officer
  • All-in-one Platform;
  • Service Control Policies;
  • API Integrations;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Filing Applications Online;
  • Restricted Access;
  • Configurable Report.
​​Business Manager
  • Quick Loan Approval;
  • Borrower Portal;
  • Loan Management;
  • Servicing;
  • Fraud Screening;
  • User-Friendly Interface;
  • Smart Notifications.