About Product and Services

  • The CompassWay solution is fully white label and we will customise the customer onboarding platform according to your business identity.
  • Find the perfect free designs for customisaton options here.
  • The Loan documents will be based on your templates and notifications can be customized to your desired brand messaging.
  • We will be happy to assist you with any other design customizations you may need.

You will need to sign up ( Link ) for CommpassWay and choose the platform modules for free trial .You can get a free 14 day trial.

  • We built our Digital Lending Platform around an entirely new paradigm is designed on DIY principle ,it is fully configurable that allows to create own Platform.
  • You will need to sign up for CommpassWay and get access to list of possible features of the platform. The price for the selected System Configuration will be calculated automatically.
  • You have the flexibility to design and personalize Platform to better meet your business needs.
  • The Billing Plan is based on your Platform Configuration and the maximum number of staff allowed in each plan.

What Loan Products are supported by Compassway

We have solutions for almost any asset class, from BNPL to business loans, and we can support new and creative idea of products. Currently, our lending management solution is capable of handling 12 different types of loan products You can also easily create individual product structures. You can quickly set up a new product, conduct appropriate tests, and reap the benefits of new product launches in a matter of days. This creative, versatile and unified set of solutions will help your company meet current and future challenges.

Compassway lending software closes the full lifecycle of the lending origination process. From loan application, borrower assessment and credit decisioning to servicing self service repayment , reporting, and more. Our unified solution allows you to manage the entire lending process from one admin panel, which allows you to increase the efficiency of management.

Definitely yes. The Compassway system allows you to create an unlimited number of products. You can flexibly customize all loan products as far as you can imagine. In addition to product settings, you also have the ability to manage the rules of a powerful AI decision engine and scorecards settings.

Absolutely yes. The possibilities for integration are unlimited.
You can create, test, and apply custom APIs with the Flow Building tools and built-in configurator. Perform a visual integration process without code. Use reliable and convenient version control and management tools. Track the performance of your integrations, their uptime and security.

Yes, the system supports the following IR calculation logic depending on number of days in a month and in a year: 30/360, 30/365, fact/365.

In the system currency is a unit with which the system operates. This unit can have different names but should be divided on 100. The system doesn’t support currency exchange calculation.

For today the system supports Polish, English, Spanis that have been natively translated for a true reday product The System also includes a significant Google Translate integration allowing on the fly translation for international borrowers

Fees, penalties, commissions and triggers to start calculate them are fully configurable in the system and can be set up as a percentage or as an amount of currency.