Boost your business performance

by applying AI-powered

lending automation

Utilize cutting-edge AI technology for your scoring needs. Make your credit decisioning process reliable by optimizing creditworthiness assessment, even when it comes to high-risk borrowers. Make the best use of advanced machine learning and deep neural networks to dramatically improve your credit decisioning's accuracy and speed.

AI algorithms can also help to more easily identify fraud and creates opportunities for improvement of the customer experience across the entire lifecycle.

Moving to AI algorithms has various advantages, including increased accuracy, enhanced compliance, and superior scalability, all of which have a significant impact on the overall stability and success of your firm. Using AI algorithms results in more predictive, accurate models, which leads to more earnings, lower losses, and more up-to-date risk assessments.AI algorithms can also help to more easily identify fraud and creates opportunities for improvement of the customer experience across the entire lifecycle.

The Value of a Integrated Platform for implementig AI technology

The advantages of AI decisioning
The advantages of AI decisioning
1. Data-agnostic platform that can integrate and improve your existing data sets with any other type of data set (i.e. many types of alternative data).
2. This seamless integration with a wide range of data sources promotes financial inclusion, manages bias, and increases the predictive potential of your models.
3. With a integrated platform that incorporates data, AI and decisioning, models are built and implemented in the same platform, providing seamless data and model integration, minimazing recoding delays and ensuring optimal performance of your models.

4. Algorithm optimisation Model monitoring and a continuous feedback loop assist you in fine-tuning your decisions for ongoing optimization.

Loan Application Fraud Detection

Machine learning algorithm in loan applications
Machine learning algorithm in loan applications
1. Make smarter underwriting decisions and faster approval process by automatical identification of fradulent loan application.

2. Using machine learning algorithm to identify various fraud pattern in financial transactiions.

3. Establish links with past accounts activities , loans or credit lines that were defaulted on, and analyze geolocation data to spot any discrepancies in fraud detection.

Benefits of implementing Compassway AI

Credit Portfolio Management
1. Reduce the portfolio risk measure keeping its income higher than the initial value.2. Maximize the portfolio income keeping its risk measure lower than the initial value. The risk measure considered here is the VaR with a confidence level set.
Self-learning algorithms
Choose the most relevant algorithms from a wide variety of options, including Gradient Boosting Decision Trees, Random Forests and Deep Neural Networks, depending on the nature of the dataset.
Reduce the development time from months to days by automatically training, testing, monitoring and controling your model.
Ease of Deployment
Use of a integrated platform enables seamless deployment, allowing businesses to take fast, effective action.