Compassway Student Lending Solution

This student loans solution has been developed with perfectly understanding all needs from both sides -lenders and students. It is ideal solution empowers your entity for launching educational lending system

Reasons to choose Compassway

1. Ready to use fully functional digital lending solution

2. Automate all of your student loan processing with a platform that helps convert applicants into graduates.

3. Flexible loan applications give you the power to customize easily application form and manage steps of user journeys. Change loan workflows, credit policies, user documentation, and business rules all without needing to engage your technical team.

4. End to end automated intelligent lending platform includes a risk-based pricing decision engine for underwriting with personalized student loan and payment options .

5. Easy-to-use loan calculator that lets students create the loan and payment plan that best fits their life.

We know pain points you face when providing student loans

1. Slow and complicated application procedures result in a lower conversion.

2. Paper application processing comes with human error and delay.
3. Loan processing is too slow, and credit decisions have a poor accuracy rate.

Our solution

Student loans
Student loans

All-in-one System

A smart loan automation system that is simple.

Borrow Portal 

A user-friendly and well-thought-out interface that has every tool necessary to efficiently manage student loans.

White label 

Our lending-as-a-service solution provides a fully compliant, Compassway platform so you can start lending online in as little as four weeks, at the risk level that’s right for you.

Easy Debt Collection

Proprietary built-in functionality and seamless integrations enable a fully automated debt collection process.

Databases & Logs

Store all data in your own records using a safe and well-structured solution. The data can be used in the future to create user-friendly reports.

Smart Alerts

Payment alerts for upcoming, due, and past-due payments that are easy to enable, monitor, and modify.

A customizable and adjustable solution

End-to-end Automation

Optimize even the operations specific to your business using intelligent automation.

Employee Training

Our most competent specialists will provide remote & on-site training sessions.

Scoring Evaluation

The top lending technology specialists can further decrease your credit risks.

Fight fraud and reduce risk

We deliver fraud detection through behavior analytics and model-based rules. to prevent fraudulent activity.

Tech Support

Excellent 24/7 tech support from our dedicated team.