Rethink SME Lending Business

  • Take advantage of new opportunities with SMEs increase your market share and promote profitable growth.
  • Combine the right technology, purpose-built processes and advanced analytics for new ways of working with SME market.
  • Cut the cost of serving SME business providing your clients with affordable funds from your end to end digital lending platform.

Benefits Brought by CompassWay

  • Cost -Effective Solution Offered as a Cloud Service (SaaS) makes startup costs low and allows to scale the application as the business grows.
  • Highly Configurable Platform: CompassWay lending platform is specifically designed to suit your business needs, allowing you to configure workflows,manage loans, define business rules, and generate reports that meet your requirements. No coding requirement.
  • Scalability: As your organization grows, an all-in-one lending management solution can scale to accommodate increasing loan volume and complexity, helping you manage loans more efficiently as your business expands.

Merchant Cash Advance Software for Fully Digital & Automated Financing

Digital engagement

Increasing the level of digital engagement with customers and reducing the number of manual processes for approval will help retain customers and attract new ones.Substantially enhance the SME experience by redesigning and digitizing a significant portion of the customer journey.

Streamlined Processes

By providing a single platform for loan origination, underwriting, servicing, and reporting, reducing the time and effort to generate more opportunities and to manage more loans.

Accelerated Lending

Automated processing allows for faster loan origination including customer verification, decision making and underwriting. Processes over 100 applications simultaneously while maintaining high decision quality and performance standards.

Loan Maintenance and Settlement

The Loan Servicing System can manage all forms of loan lifecycle events and transactions, can effectively handle repayment or rescheduling, There are more than 40+ event types for different use-cases in the system. For your effective operation and utmost efficiency, these events are supported by daily calculation of interest, fees, fee handling, notification creation, and automatic collection at the due date.

Data Management

All loan documentation and statements are automatically generated and readily managed. Specify detailed standards for borrower and loan document collecting, which will be replicated across the platform immediately.

Product Innovation and Personalized Service

Advanced machine learning and AI allows to offer personalized products that are best suited to the customer’s credit needs to build trust and ensure long-term sustainability.

Generate Unique Reports


Capturing real-time credit insights from transactions and sales to enhance the performance of credit models significantly. Quickly import and export data from and into the platform, and present your data in professional diagrams and tables created in real-time.

Borrower Management and Communications

To increase communication speed and dependability and free up servicing agents to work on more crucial tasks, automate omni-channel communication using personalized email, SMS text, direct mail, and phone calls.

Seamless Colloboration


Configure roles and permissions based on your unique servicing policies, so that each team member has access to the information and tools they need to do their job effectively, while also maintaining data security and privacy.

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