How Can CompassWay Help You ?

  • We deliver complete lending software that automates every step of the lending process.
  • Get a completely customizable lending platform that is powerful, simple to use, and tailored to your specific requirements. No coding required.
  • Ready to be deployed in days. Unbeatable price.

Compassway Digital Lending Platform

Key Product Features

Borrowers Portal


Borrowers can easily and conveniently manage their data, apply for new loans and repay existing loans. Also, the client can check the balance of the loan debt, find out the amount of the next payment, track recent transactions, and much more.

KYC and Credit Scoring


Adapted KYC/AML and ID checks. Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to better assess creditworthiness and reduce non-performing loans. Get a guarantee that only verified users can become customers of your company.

Configurable Loan Application Flow

A convenient loan application editor allows you to create loan application workflows in a few clicks without the need for coding and special skills. Starting the lending process quickly and being able to make changes while the system is running is our priority.

Product Engine


We have solutions for almost any asset class, from BNPL to business loans, and we can support new and creative idea of products. Currently, our lending management solution is capable of handling 12 different types of loan products

Document Management


All loan documentation and statements are automatically generated and readily managed. Specify detailed standards for borrower and loan document collecting, which will be replicated across the platform immediately.

Tracking the Payments


Track payment of overdue invoices at a convenient time for you and your customers. A convenient notification will always warn you about the date of the upcoming payment and the amount of payment.

Risk Evaluation


Maximize the portfolio income keeping its risk measure lower than the initial value. Choose the most relevant algorithms from a wide variety of options. Reduce the development time from months to days by automatically training, testing and controlling your model.

Dashboard, Email & SMS Notifications

Our loan software is pre-configured for quick integration with email and SMS services. You can set up notifications for both borrowers and employees to keep track of every step of the loan process.

Automatic extract credit data

Automatic extraction of credit data from global and local credit agencies.
Set up automatic data extraction in your preferred currency. The ability to structure and accumulate information for use in the following loans.

Calculations Engine


There are more than 25+ event types for different use-cases in the system. These events are supported by daily calculation of interest, fees, fee handling, notification creation, and automatic collection at the due date.

Powerful Ai based Scoring Engine 

Improve the reliability of your credit decisioning process by optimizing creditworthiness assessment, and increase access to credit for underserved borrowers. Analyze large amounts of big data to find patterns that will dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of your credit decisioning.

Seamless Colloboration


Configure roles and permissions based on your unique servicing policies, so that each team member has access to the information and tools they need to do their job effectively, while also maintaining data security and privacy.

White Paper

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Decision Engine

Make your credit decisioning process reliable by optimizing creditworthiness assessment, even when it comes to high-risk borrowers. Make the best use of advanced machine learning and deep neural networks to dramatically improve your credit decisioning's accuracy and speed.
AI algorithms can also help to more easily identify fraud and creates opportunities for improvement of the customer experience across the entire lifecycle.


A well-organized and easy-to-follow application process. Establishing your own parameters for any stage of the lending process. Customizable scorecards and credit decisioning parameters.
Applying to the right employee at the right stage of loan origination based on the scope of their duties. Automatic document generation and electronic signature.

Loan Servicing

Automating the entire loan lifecycle is what we do best. Compassway Digital Loan Management system offers you with an effective toolset to serve your clients of all sizes, whether you are just starting your lending business or are already an established loan provider. The system has a very customizable repayment structure generator built in, which includes annuity and other repayment calculations.

Statistics &

With custom reports and analytics, you'll be able to track not only overall business performance but dive deeply into the specifics of each metric
A native workplace gathers all the data you need from Compassway portal in one configurable easy-to-read report, including risk assessment, portfolio, and operational information


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