Grow with Game Changing Retail Financing Solution

  • Retain full ownership of the customer relationship and control all aspects of the customer experience.
  • Attract new generations of consumers by offering flexible payment option that younger generations love.
  • Increase revenue by pushing conversions and grow basket size.
  • Explore new revenue opportunity by growing interchange and increase market share.
  • Stay engaged with card holders and enable borrowers to pay for purchases within minutes of approval.
  • Engage consumers by building personalized automated customer journeys.

Learn How Business Take Advantages from BNPL in House

  • Let's grow your business.
  • With the right retail financing product.
  • Traction with younger generations,
  • Innovate Drive Revenue
  • Fast time to market.
  • Ultimately gain competitive advantage.
  • Skip additional IT and operation hassles.

CompassWay BNPL Lending Product Factory

Split Pay


  • Providing your customers a little credit at the checkout has been shown to generate a significant uplift in sales, bigger basket sizes and a reduction in cart abandonment.
  • Compete with the bigger retailers offering payment plans for your customer.
  • Pay-in-Four: Customers make a down payment at the time of checkout.The remaining balance is due in three additional payments over the subsequent six weeks.


Pay per Invoice


  • Consumers pay the purchase balance by invoice after a term of typically 14 days - free of interest.
  • Our solution is flexiblity and works seamlessly with return management of goods.

Installment Loan


  • Drives sales for high value products or big baskets up to €50,000.K
  • Flexible adjust duration and instalments The loan may come with an APR, or it may be an interest free (0% APR) offer.



  • Rent instead of own. Reach new target groups and push conversion and repurchase rates.
  • Offer Gen Y & Z maximum financing flexibility.

BNPL Scenarios for Merchants


Up to 70% of online purchases today are made using buy now, pay later financing options. Additionally, they increase sales by up to 15–30% in many industries by attracting in new additional target demographics like Gen Y and Z. With your own white-labeled BNPL platform, you can offer popular split pay or pay on invoice payments, which gives you more control, better commercial rates, and ultimately more income.


Customers expect a seamless omni-channel experience, and as a result, the same payment flexibility at physical POS. Consumers can benefit from the same benefits offered by eCommerce by using modern, simple, quick, and 100% digital retail financing methods like installment loans, split payments, or pay on invoice. by relieving shop employees of difficult procedures.


New subscription methods evolved due to sustainability, circular economy, and the rent vs. own reality, going beyond traditionally known retail financing benefits.Subscription is what Gen Y and Z expect.The subscription increases by 20% in the average purchasing basket, a tripling of repurchase rates, and a significant increases in customer lifetime value (CLV) .

Have More Profits Than Ever Using Our BNPL Software the Way You Want

  • BNPL a powerful tool for driving consumer demand.
  • Highly specialized software packages offer embedded lending for several verticals (retail, medical, auto, etc.).
  • Adaptable credit product and promotion management allow you to fine-tune settings to fit unique client requests, product specifics, and tax regulations.
  • Permission-based workplaces for the staff and customers. Each user of the Compassway system will have their workspace with only the features they need to be enabled.
  • A fully customizable white-label solution that can quickly adapt to your company’s design and colors.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Grow interchange and market share and explore new revenue opportunity!
  • Attract a younger audience who wouldn’t normally purchase from you due to budgets.
  • See up to 85% higher average order values for purchases using BNPL financing.
  • Push conversions rates in double -digit increases

Build Your Own BNPL Solution -Start Financing Your Client in a Week

  • Integration with your website. Point-of-sale lending software can be easily integrated with the existing website via API. Customers will see this payment option available on your product pages . They’ll see how many installments are available and the amount due for each payment.
  • The BNPL software eliminates manual processes, ad hoc inquiries, and paper trails. Get a streamlined automated workflow that suits the requirements of your customers while improving operational efficiency.
  • Based on your company requirements, you can create an application flow to increase conversion while gathering all necessary information.
  • Provide BNPL checkout methods for offline purchases of products or services via QR code generation.
  • To facilitate BNPL purchases and management, view transactions, view purchases per point of sale, allow request to pay, initiate refunds, and more at the point of sale.


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