Digitize Consumer Lending Journey

  • Move from traditional to digital banking
  • Increased visibility and new channel for client acquisition
  • Real-time checks: ID verification, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML) and Credit History
  • Real time risk profiling - take advantages of integrating AI into credit scoring
  • Marketing and client’s loyalty program
  • Document management upload, view, sequencing of input docs throughout the loan life cycle
  • Automated & manual underwriting

Manage your lending with:

  • Start lending smarter with an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use, quick to integrate and ready in days.
  • Flexible online application process.
  • Automated fast credit decisions.
  • Reliable back-office solutions for your workers.
  • Cutting-edge business management capabilities and analytics.

All-in-One Lending Management Solution

Customer Friendly Digital Onboarding

Meet customer expectations to deliver seamless digital customer experience .With an omni-channel onboarding and loan origination solution, you can reduce customer dropouts, speed up the customer welcome process, and validate digital identities.

Accelerated Lending

Automated processing allows for faster loan origination including customer verification, decision making and underwriting. Processes over 100 applications simultaneously while maintaining high decision quality and performance standards.

Reduce Fraud

Built-in fraud detection rules to fight with different kinds of cybercrime. Easily stay compliant with AML and KYC regulations.

Increase revenues and reduce costs


Faster loan approvals and release will reduce the “time to yes” from weeks to minutes.•Zero paperwork and no face-to-face interaction, thereby lower cost of loan processing.•Increased automation and strong back-end technology enable staff to be redeployed from reviewing loan applications to the work that adds more value.

Disruptive Credit Assesment Method


Utilize custom-tailored algorithms and AI for decision automation and almost instant credit scoring. Rely on a top-ranking proprietary Decision Engine that applies machine learning and deep neural networks to analyze debtors’ data.

Product Innovation and Personalized Service

Advanced machine learning and AI allows to offer personalized products that are best suited to the customer’s credit needs to build trust and ensure long-term sustainability.

The Challenges Of Outdated Loan Origination
  • Customers leaving due to cumbersome application process.
  • It might take several days to complete credit decisioning.
  • Losing important points when forwarding applications to employees.
  • Debtor information and applications are stored using Excel.
  • Non-standard workflow compared to the regular level of service.
Our Value Proposition
  • A well-organized and easy-to-follow application process.
  • Establishing your own parameters for any stage of the lending process.
  • Customizable scorecards and credit decisioning parameters.
  • Applying to the right employee at the right stage of loan origination based on the scope of their duties.

  • Automatic document generation and electronic signature.

Detect and Prevent Fraud in Online Lending

Digital Identity Validation


Effective digital identity proofing in the KYC process is critical for eliminating synthetic fraud and allowing banks and fintechs to validate a user at the point of account opening. Achieve a winning balance between fraud prevention, detection, and customer expectation.

Using Advanced Analytics to Combat Lending Fraud

Employ analytics technology to rate each new online application for fraud risk, not just credit risk. A wide range of internal and publicly available data, including social media data, physical addresses, email accounts, IP addresses, phone numbers, and more, can be utilised.

Deep Behavioral and Social Profiling

Utilize the technique that involves in the analysis of large amounts of data, including transaction history, browsing behavior, and other user activity, to identify patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity.Realize the benefit from risk analysis based on geography, distance between the location of the potential customer and their billing information, rely on the true IP address removing proxy.

Reduce Application Fraud

Maintain a solid barrier against fraud while approving more trustworthy clients. Automated checks across several identity data ecosystems can prevent fraud losses from synthetic identity fraud and account takeovers.Combining various data points can give the lender a 360-degree view of users and increase the effectiveness of fraud detection beyond "usual" signs like name matching..

Process More Applications, Faster with the Cloud-Native & Digital LOS

Data Analyzing system
Data Analyzing system
  • Automated processing facilitates speedy loan origination including customer verification, decision making and underwriting. 
  • Processes over 100 applications simultaneously while maintaining high decision quality and performance standards.

  • Reduce manual efforts and human errors with automated verification and decisions.
  • Unified Data Management CompassWay cloud and All-in-One platforms that provide a data repository synced to communication channels so loan applications are processed as efficiently and accurately as possible.

  • Works fast without any dips in performance and is constantly available.

  • Can be easily adjusted to suit your technical characteristics.

Supported Asset Class

 BNPL Solution

Empower your busines with BNPL solution Give your customer power to buy more.

BNPL procedures are fully automated and may be tailored to your individual business need.

Business Loans

Provide a variety of different secured and unsecured business lending options including invoice financing ,merchant cash advances.


Personal Loans

Provide an installment loan scheme, whether secured or unsecured, to assist customers in financing large expenditures such as furnishings, home remodeling.

Cash Advances

Let employees to access funds before they are paid with a single-term loan. Cash advances can be turned into installment loans with fully customizable interest and fees for borrowers who require extra time to pay.


In House Financing

Offer loans to your clients directly, without the intermediate party. Apply an advanced, end-to-end digital lending solution to increase your market share, make your approval procedure more efficient, and improve customer interactions.


 Student Loans

Automate all of your student loan processing with a our platform that helps convert applicants into graduates. End to end automated intelligent lending platform includes a risk-based pricing decision engine for underwriting with personalized student loan and payment options .


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