with Advanced AI

Loan Origination system of Compassway is an easy-to-use and adjustable business solution that will ensure the best customer experience for your clients.

In-principle loan approval in minutes.
Omnichannel with save & resume functionality.
Pre-configurable workflows suiting business requirements.

Manage your lending with:

  • 1.
    A digitalized user-friendly client portal.
  • 2.
    A flexible online application process.
  • 3.
    Automated fast credit decisions.
  • 4.
    Reliable back-office solutions for your workers.
  • 5.
    Cutting-edge business management capabilities and analytics.
The challenges of outdated
loan origination
Customers leaving due to cumbersome application process.
It might take several days to complete credit decisioning.
Losing important points when forwarding applications to employees.
Debtor information and applications are stored using Excel.
Non-standard workflow compared to the regular level of service.
Our value proposition
A well-organized and easy-to-follow application process.
Establishing your own parameters for any stage of the lending process.
Customizable scorecards and credit decisioning parameters.
Applying to the right employee at the right stage of loan origination based on the scope of their duties.
Automatic document generation and electronic signature.

Enjoy flexible digital customer onboarding with the following tools and features

Digital customer onboarding
Digital customer onboarding
Easy and fast application processing.
A platform suitable for all types of clients (small and medium-sized businesses as well as individual customers) and supporting different types of credit programs.
An open API that makes it possible for you to integrate Compassway with your own or third-party software.
A perfect tool to manage lead generation for auto-upsells and cross-selling.

An effective lead management solution integrated within the lending system.

Split-testing various workflows with patented Compassway Tools and integrated Google Analytics to bring you new insights.
Enable digital loan origination while offering speed, scalability, and actionable intelligence yielding happier customers and more business for you.

Keeping up with your regulatory requirements

Automated loan platform
Automated loan platform
Automated Credit Bureau checks.
Automated ID verification.
Verifying bank account information and financial statements.
Get all the information you need that is relevant for credit decisioning.
Built-in fraud detection rules to fight with different kinds of cybercrime.

Compassway lending system analyzes the data from all the leads

Data Analyzing system
Data Analyzing system
Can be easily adjusted to suit your technical characteristics.
Processes over 100 applications simultaneously while maintaining high decision quality and performance standards.
Works fast without any dips in performance and is constantly available.
Can store data either in the cloud or on the local server.
Is protected by powerful cyber security measures.
Has a top-ranking proprietary Decision Engine that applies machine learning and deep neural networks to analyze debtors’ data.
A lot of extra features. Consult our specialists to see how Compassway can meet your digital lending needs.