Creating AI-Powered

Lending Reports

and Analytics

Perfectly Suited for Your Needs

Compassway lending solution comes with advanced reporting capabilities which make it possible for you to keep track of your business performance at all times. The system updates and processes the lending data whenever a new action is taken on any application. The data is presented in user-friendly customizable dashboards of the specialized Reports Workplace.

Generate unique reports to follow your business performance

Unique reports generating
Unique reports generating
With custom reports and analytics, you'll be able to track not only overall business performance but analyze the specifics of each metric.
A native workplace instantly takes all the data you need from the Compassway portal, including risk assessment, portfolio, and operational information, and formats it based on your needs.

In-built reporting capabilities

In-built reporting capabilities
In-built reporting capabilities
Accounting and Customer Details – This type of report can provide general data on loans, terms & conditions, fees, DPDs, outstanding balance, etc. One can either export the configured file or use the report in Compassway itself.
Accounting Cash Flow – Review the amounts accrued, due dates, repayments, and fees.
Credit Risk Report – Analyze client portfolios by state, risk assessment data, or loan delinquency buckets.
Customer Data – Configure a comprehensive customer data report or customized reports with the data which is most relevant to you.
Executive Report – Build user-friendly diagrams in the SaaS interface and benefit from extensive data drilling if you need to explore the specifics.
Expected Payments – Export a list of expected payments to be presented to a financial regulator or a stakeholder.
Payment Information – Make a report on both incoming and outgoing transactions made from borrowers to you and vice versa.

Business Performance Dashboard – Comprehensively review your lending business performance, all on one advanced reporting page.

One data management solution for all your operation needs

Our data management solution
Our data management solution
Direct connection between your lending platform and CRM/ERP software.

Efficient accounting & automated report generation.

Communicating with your clients directly through your lending platform.

Business intelligence & analytics using Google Analytics, PowerBI, Looker, or Tableau.

Advanced risk management with the help of external scorecards and AI-driven Compassway Decision Engine.