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CreditUP End to End Flexible Lending Lrocess

«CreditUP» an online lender founded in 2016 with the focus on servicing the unbanked clients granting for them payday loans at a certain amount.
CreditUP is confident that technology will rule the world in the future, not bureaucracy. And the service built for CreditUP is a small fragment of this future, available today.

Buy Now Pay Later Service From «PIE CREDIT»

«PIE CREDIT» is a relatively new player in the Ukrainian market. The company set itself the task of completely redesigning the Buy Now Pay Later model, already popular in the Ukrainian market, and providing its customers with a completely new experience in this area.

Installment and Credit Solution on the Website of the Online Store "Taksaexpress"

«Taksaexpress» online store was able to increase the conversion of popular goods of medium and high price categories. It can also be stated that by offering customers a customer-oriented service that provides for a full cycle of online lending with a minimum of unnecessary gestures, Taksaexpress was able to increase sales, as well as increase customer flow and profit.