​​CreditUP end to end flexible lending process


«CreditUP» an online lender founded in 2016 with the focus on servicing the unbanked clients granting for them payday loans at a certain amount.

More details about the company can be found at the link: https://creditup.com.ua/

CreditUP cares about its customers and seeks to win their loyalty. The main mission of the company is to provide instant civilized financial assistance to all who need it.

CreditUP is confident that technology will rule the world in the future, not bureaucracy. And the service built for CreditUP is a small fragment of this future, available today.


The Company required a end to end flexible solution to automate the entire microfinance lending process and operating procedures to cover the entire country with its fully digital credit products via a cloud-based lending technology provider.

The system had to be capable of running high-performance scoring models in real-time 24/7


CreditUP turned to Compassway to create an automated unified core microfinance solution.

Their system was supposed to provide the following tasks:

1. Reducing the number of "manual" operations performed by employees,

2. Reducing the time for consideration of loan applications

3. Minimizing the risks of lending to borrowers

4. Improving the quality of the loan portfolio and the predictability of its dynamics.

They needed a scalable solution that could support the organization's complex and expanding operations with appropriate technology, as well as automated customer enrollment. Their outdated system did not cover many of the essential features such as centralized portfolio management, financial accounting, statutory reporting, fund management, asset/liability management, etc. that were sorely needed.

Therefore, we were tasked with implementing the necessary system, which will include:

1. Development of user interfaces (Client, Users with different roles and access rights);

2. Development of a system for entering and processing Applications through the workplaces of the Company's specialists;

3. Development of a system for obtaining information about the Client from the internal databases of the Company;

4. Development of an internal data warehouse from external sources for reuse in decision making;

5. Automation of the subsystem for making a decision on granting a Loan (Decision Engine) in a fully automatic, manual and combined mode;

6. Development of automatic learning of the subsystem for making decisions on granting a Loan (Machine learning);

7. Development of an interface for manually changing the operation parameters of the subsystem for making decisions on granting a Loan;

development of a Loan monitoring system (monitoring of payments, monitoring of financial condition and risk factors, monitoring of collateral);

8. Development of a system for dealing with overdue debts;

9. Development of a reporting system;

10. Development of a business process management system;

11. Development of a subsystem for granting rights to users;

12. Automation of the subsystem for logging the actions of Clients and Users;

13. Automation of the interest calculation subsystem and interaction with the Company's accounting program.


We set to work and the result was the creation of a comprehensive solution that automatically covers the main requirements of the company in the Ukrainian market. We have fully coped with the task and at the moment we can say that CreditUP is not just a modern online service for quick loans, but also an advanced IT company with a financial license, working with innovative technologies for risk assessment. Constant growth and development makes CreditUP the best in everything - the fastest decision-making on the territory of Ukraine and the fastest issuance of loans to a bank card.

In May 2017, a large-scale project Battle of Startups “Time to grow a horn” began, organized by the investment platform Startup.Network and UKRSIBBANK. At this event, the company took an honorable second place among startups. Because CreditUP knows how to dream, work, use opportunities, create new technologies and never stop in front of difficulties. And they truly love what they do.

More details about the project can be found at the link: https://battle.startup.network/events/302733/

How does CreditUP differ from a bank at the moment? First of all, the advantage is that the company issues loans online 365 days a year, at any time of the day or night, that is, you can get cash on the card 24/7. If you have a bank card, TIN and passport, then CreditUP will issue a loan instantly after completing an online application.

Simply put, residents of Ukraine can now easily apply for a loan via the Internet to a bank card of any bank in Ukraine.