Speed Your Growth with Pay Day Lending Software

  • Experience the benefits of end to end pay day lending automated software and streamline your loan decisions while saving time and money.
  • Reduce risk thanks to an integrated automatic client scoring system helping you and your team make better decisions.
  • Create hyper-flexible credit products with complex schedules, fees, taxes, interest and configurable rules, and auto-generate loan statements.
  • Utilize high degree of reusability and ease of customization to build solutions tailor-made to suit unique business requirements.

Benefits Brought by CompassWay

  • Enjoy higher conversion rates and more efficient lead generation
  • Overcome traditionally high rates of default and delinquency
  • Fast and accurate decisioning with exceptional usability mean better completion rates.

All-in-ONE Pay Day Lending Platform

Digital Customer Onboarding


CompassWay is an all-in-one payday lending platform that automates the loan origination process from application to funding, delivering a best-in-class experience for your clients and team.

With advanced algorithms and analytics, vendors can quickly score clients and automatically make credit decisions. anywhere in the globe.
The digital lending platform allows you to quickly issue a loan with zero paperwork.
Faster loan approvals and releases will reduce the “time to yes” from weeks to minutes

Alternative Credit Scoring Powered by AI

Applying alternative credit scoring allows you to capture more loans while staying within the credit risk level you set for yourself.

It expands your portfolio by covering cases with not enough credit history. It also increases portfolio profits by accurately pricing new clients.

The proprietary AI-powered credit scoring software that uses machine learning to constantly fine-tune the algorithm is the core of our Digital Lending Platform.

Easy Debt Collections


Borrowers can easily perform a wide range of account-related activity on their own, including making and scheduling payments, setting up autopay, customizing their payment plan, accessing statements, updating account information and more.

Customer Centricity of Digital Lending

Enhance client experience with bank-grade technologies that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

Flexible finance options show that a business understands its customers’ needs and is willing to empower them with purchase power.

Fraud Risk Management


An intelligent AI-powered origination process is designed to protect your organization from virtually any fraud.

Combine standard and alternative methods to evaluate each loan application.

Together with our experts, you can customize your decision-making by employing the best practices and new fintech solutions to guarantee the ultimate fraud protection and cybersecurity.

Cloud Based Platform


Compassway Lending Platform is completely cloud-based.

All functionality, including credit applications, decision-making, servicing, data collection, and report configuration is hosted on cloud servers and is available from anywhere around the globe from any device

Document Management

All loan documentation and statements are automatically generated and readily managed.

Specify detailed standards for borrower and loan document collecting, which will be replicated across the platform immediately.

Seamless Colloboration

Configure roles and permissions based on your unique servicing policies, so that each team member has access to the information and tools they need to do their job effectively, while also maintaining data security and privacy.

Generate Unique Reports

The system has powerful built-in analytics and reporting features.

Generate custom reports for deeper analysis,

quickly import and export data from and into the platform, and present your data in professional diagrams and tables created in real-time.

Starting with Compassway Is Easy

  • We deliver complete lending software that automates every step of the lending process.
  • Get a completely customizable lending platform that is powerful, simple to use, and tailored to your specific requirements. No coding required.
  • Ready to be deployed in days. Unbeatable price.
  • Sigh UP Free for 15 days trial.

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