E-Commerce Financing 

A sophisticated bank-grade digital financing system automating each stage of your in-house e-commerce lending operations


+58% higher average order value

+20% increase in buying frequency in 1 month

+44% sales conversion rate improvement

Furthermore, you will get 2-6% transaction fees as well as any additional fees/interest that third-party providers would otherwise keep for themselves.

This is how we can help your business

1. Increase client conversion with POS financing.

2. Credit decisions are tailored specifically to retail models.

3. In-house lending allows you can eliminate human error and intermediaries.

Compassway's user-friendly and smart solutions for retailers

Our software

Complete AI-Driven Automation

The system has a modular architecture that is designed to meet the demands of small to medium-sized retail businesses.

Loan Origination Process

From processing applications to managing payments, the loan origination module has been completely redesigned to provide the ultimate e-commerce experience.

Loan Management

An efficient and fully integrated loan servicing feature ensures easy and error-free loan management.

Data & Debt Collection

The system comes with completely automated debt collection procedures and provides extensive data analytics & reporting.

Risk Prevention

DNNs are used to evaluate customers, and numerous analytical methods allow you to virtually eliminate credit risk.

Store & Vendor Management

The built-in functionality available to your staff and vendors enables you to provide direct financing services to specific merchants and businesses.

Adjustable Fees & Taxes

Compassway is highly adjustable when it comes to credit product settings which helps you to improve overall customer conversion rate using automated targeted offers.

Over 75 Pre-configured API Integrations

The Unified Lending Management system includes all of the services and tools needed to manage a successful digital lending business.

Perks for the business

Improved CLV.


Complete Automation.


Human Error-Free System.


Lower Business Expenses.

Perks for borrowers

User-friendly Customer Portal.

Mobile Applications.

Reliable Cybersecurity.

Payment Day Notifications.