Take the best credit decisioning

approach designed to suit your digital lending business

Credit Decisioning Engine ensures unparalleled credit scoring precision, high configurability, integrability, and adjustability to any business' operational processes.

Using the most advanced self-learning algorithms powered by proprietary AI and non-traditional scoring data, Credit Decisioning Engine offers the best credit decision-making experience possible. Applying Compassway decisioning solution guarantees the highest level of automation, accuracy, and speed of making credit decisions with virtually any credit product.

What makes Compassway offer special

  • 1.
    Forget about expensive third-party reports with pre-configured credit decisioning rules. Apply only the data relevant to you when working with Credit Decisioning Engine.
  • 2.
    The Decision Engine developed by Compassway becomes the single and sufficient source of opinion needed to ensure efficient credit data processing.
  • 3.
    Integrations allow you to access both external and internal data for your credit processing needs:
  • Background Checks;
  • Credit Bureau Data / Alternative Credit Information;
  • Third-party Scoring Tools;
  • External or In-house Software/Accounting Systems;
  • E-commerce Platforms;
  • Payment Data (bank statements, online shopping history, etc).
  • 4.
    Back-end users don’t have to submit client data repeatedly as the system automatically pulls information from different sources and workplaces into one place.

What Compassway came up with

Customer profiles view in our digital lending platform
Customer profiles view in our digital lending platform
Credit Decisioning Engine offers a scalable user-friendly digital lending solution. Our easy-to-understand interface allows you to create, test, and apply new user experience logic and decision strategies from the first day of use.
Customizable credit scoring models, up-to-date credit policies, business instructions, and relevant sources of data ensure an easy compliance experience.
Easy-to-track customizable loan statuses.
Apply both traditional and alternative credit scoring methods to improve your credit decisioning accuracy using the Champion/Challenger model and A/B testing.
Customer profiles are presented in a comprehensive and intuitive way.
Balanced scorecard consulting helps to evaluate your management performance based on your industry and country.

How you can benefit from Credit Decisioning Engine

The advantages of our credit decisioning
The advantages of our credit decisioning
Copyrighted self-learning algorithms and deep neural networks allow you to perform an advanced risk assessment and client evaluation.
Cutting-edge scoring models come with a set of pre-configured scorecards and credit decision-making rules. You can either use the pre-configured models or change them by setting your own business rules, verifications, monitoring procedures, calculations, and any other variables.
Support several types of credit products with different customer valuation parameters and logic.
Credit Decisioning Engine may function as a part of the aforementioned solution.
Easy-to-apply API Client management allows you to perform seamless third-party integrations with various solutions and information sources.
A unique lending management solution brought to you by Compassway
Credit Decisioning Engine capabilities allow it to process over 460 loan applications a second without affecting decisioning accuracy.

Robust digital lending solutions have been extensively tested in 50+ markets on 250+ credit products, involving 2500+ decision rules. Compassway has managed to bring an advanced globally recognized lending management solution that has proven its efficiency even when put under high pressure.

Easily integrate Compassway with different pre-configured software solutions at any point in your business lifecycle.
Create an adjustable softcoded solution that makes it possible to seamlessly introduce any changes in the future and save a lot of time and energy.
Seamlessly test and employ well-organized scoring models & decision strategies in a timely and efficient manner.
Minimize third-party reporting expenses by applying built-in AI-powered decision rules and scoring strategies.
Make fast and accurate credit decisions on every application and reach high business performance rates.
Bring underwriting, business, and operations teams together by introducing a single lending management solution that provides most relevant employee experience.
Adjustable product settings make introducing new changes easy, fast, and pain-free which saves a lot of trouble for your team.