Finance Companies

AI-powered software for finance companies

A smart all-in-one lending platform that can automate digital lending partially or completely.

A smart solution for your challenges

1.The loan procedure is slow and full of errors. 

2.Low-performance processes and poor credit decisions.

3.High costs associated with operational & business scaling

Our solution

Alternative AI-powered Credit Scoring Models
AI-powered loan origination and risk assessment modules apply DNNs to process, analyze, and approve more loan applications in less time. We use both traditional and alternative credit scoring models and information sources to ensure the lowest risk and highest profit for your organization.
Personalize Loan Rates for Clients
The platform automatically determines the most optimal loan rates based on the risk assessment results calculated by cutting-edge self-learning algorithms. You can launch as many unique credit products as you need to have a successful lending business.
In-depth Analytics and Immediate Reporting
The system has powerful built-in analytics and reporting features. Configure customizable reports, quickly import and export data from and into the platform, and present your data in professional diagrams and tables created in real-time.
Fraud Risk Management
Compassway can drastically decrease the level of fraudulent activity by using intelligent decisioning processes. This streamlines compliance procedures while also improving the company's overall performance and portfolio well-being.

White Labeling

In just a few seconds, you can easily white-label the Compassway solution. Once completed, it will be fully consistent with your company's identity and offer your customers and staff the unparalleled experience developed by our team. All of this, with no mention of Compassway.

Employee Support & Training Sessions

Our highly skilled technical and business analysis team will ensure your team gets the best online or on-site onboarding experience tailored to your needs so you can get the most out of this smart lending platform.

What we offer

Smart Automation

Compassway is a powerful and highly adjustable platform that enables paperless procedures and smooth workflows.

Credit Scorecard Evaluation

We combine standard credit bureau scoring with a copyrighted AI-powered scorecard, as well as some alternative approaches to analyze borrower data.
System Personalization
Streamline your operations by selecting the features that perfectly meet your specific needs, and our support team will design a smooth loan program for your finance enterprise.

Why choose Compassway

Loan Origination Without Compassway - several days.
Credit Decision-making without Compassway - 3 days.
Operative Performance Without Compassway - 100%.
Loan Origination With Compassway - 5 minutes.
Credit Decision-making with Compassway - 30 seconds.
Operative Performance With Compassway - +267%.

Information to consider for each role

​Board member
  • AI-driven Scoring;
  • Fraud Risk Management;
  • In-depth Analytics;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Intelligent KYC integrations;
  • Traditional & Alternative Scoring;
  • 24/7 Support.
​Chief Executive Officer
  • Adjustable Architecture;
  • Intuitive Interface;
  • Fast Processing;
  • API Integrations;
  • Traditional & Alternative Scoring;
  • 24/7 Support;
  • White Labeling.

Loan officer

  • Fast Processing;
  • Fraud Risk Management;
  • Smooth KYC integrations;
  • Loan Origination Process;
  • Servicing;
  • Efficient Debt Collection;
  • Restricted Access.

​​IT Executive

  • Adjustable Customization;
  • Advanced Cybersecurity;
  • Regular Backups;
  • Codeless API;
  • 24/7 Support;
  • Deployment on your hosting;
  • Smart notifications.

Starting with Compassway is easy

Developing a unique proposal for you & Negotiations - 2 days. 

Initial Project Assessment & Research - 2 days.

Implementation & Customization - 3 days.

Maintenance & Support - Included.