Our Story


We are team of Ukrainian  financial services practitioners, software engineers, data scientists. We know a lot about lending business, risk management, loan servicing, operating procedures that accompany day to day financial transactions and were working in the sector for over 20 years both in large financial organizations and regulatory bodies. For the last 7 years our team devoted efforts to fintech.

We started as a company which aimed at providing lending to people which felt excluded from the traditional finance, due to lack of collateral, informal employment, or short credit history. Our approach to lending utilized advanced AI and was fully automated. We felt there is so much data that exist about our potential customers, but traditional finance cannot use it due to technological limitations and legacy processes.

Our mission is to revolutionize the approach to credit. Our credit decision engine works with a multitude of data and determines patterns that are too subtle for the traditional processes to pick up. This allowed our system to perform well even during downturns in the market. We can efficiently serve demanding prime customers while finding products with correctly priced risk for those that are excluded from the financial services market. We also expanded beyond the lending business just as credit is beyond lending. We help our clients to build loyalty programs built on credit, fuel growth of their business with BNPL, and even operate a market for several lending institutions.

We are looking forward to build more exciting products together with you.
Meet the entire team

Our Team


Tina Zhukovska


Tina has more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry and a MBA degree in bank administration as well as MA in Engineering Financial sector professional , combining the knowledge of large -scale bank operations and cutting edge fintech technology . As a Senior Advisor of the World SME Forum, established under G20/B20 umbrella she works on creating a new platform which would allow to bring a whole range of new services to SMEs, which are the core of the bank’s client base.

Valentyn Lazepka


Valentyn has 28 years experience in finance and banking, 4 years in FinTech. Occupied management positions in TOP Ukrainian banks and financial companies, PhD.

Konstantin Glebov


Konstantin is the team leader of the development team. More than 2 years in the company, also engaged in backend development of our products.

At Compassway Konstantin leads the hiring and management of the company’s software developers, leads design architecture, analyzes key system integrations, and drives the implementation of digital lending platform .