Why you need an all-in-one lending management

Lending management solution
Lending management solution

Save your time and energy by fully automating your entire business processes, including credit monitoring, customer relationship management, performing transactions and ID verifications.

Use a unified lending management solution to process applications, manage loans and collect the data you need.

This highly configurable platform is specifically designed to suit your business needs.

Easily integrate Compassway with any third-party solutions or data sources.

Customer onboarding with AI-powered risk assessment ensures AML & KYC compliance.

New way of doing digital lending

Use System Dashboard to create unique application forms and onboarding experiences designed specifically for different types of clients.

Multi-stage approval process connected with external data sources.

Complex disbursements and repayments .

Complex decisioning.

User-friendly & exceptionally powerful.

Fully configurable.

Nested strategies.

Framework of CompassWay system

CompassWay Integrated Digital Lending Platform is cutting-edge technology enables you to drive innovation and growth your business. The solution built in advanced web technologies, helps automate front-end and back-end processes in order to achieve centralized and smooth processing.

Framework of CompassWay system

Working both with individual and
corporate loans

Working with loans
Working with loans

Provide different credit products for both corporate and individual clients from an all-in-one platform.

Utilize a user-friendly interface to offer a range of credit products needed for your operation.

Employ a number of credit decisioning rules and credit scoring models developed by top lending experts and driven by advanced Compassway AI.

Organized separate workplaces for each team to perfectly suit your business processes, including credit origination, risk assessment, servicing, and data collection.

Compassway force flow

Build your team effectiveness
Build your team effectiveness

Highly adjustable business processes, reports, and application forms:

Ultimate lending automation solution with no additional coding:

  • Manage all aspects of the system with no vendor support;
  • Create new processes, workflows, reports, and application forms;
  • Introduce changes to workflows, approval procedures, API integrations, and system rules.
  • Compassway force tools are used for all configurations;
  • Configuration files are automatically updated on a server;
  • Intuitive version control;
  • Debugging tools are built-in;
  • Enhanced security features, managing access permissions.