API Integration Platform and Services

With Compassway API, you can easily integrate any tools or information sources you need
Integrate all your business processes into one multifunctional platform using a built-in Compassway API supporting codeless third-party integrations.

Fully integrated end-to-end loan management solution

Build, test, and apply customized APIs with Flow Building tools and a built-in Configurator.
Perform visual process of no-code integration.
Apply reliable user-friendly version control and management tools.
Track how your integrations perform, their uptime, and security.

Optimized data collection

Connect Compassway to a specific credit bureau to automatically get the most relevant decisioning data:
  • Find out client's credit score;
  • Perform bankruptcy & insolvency checks;
  • Process and analyze customer data;
  • Receive full tax history.

Integrate your Core System with Compassway to automate all business processes, including client's registration, processing application and making credit decisions based on client history.

  • Manage transactions;
  • Monitor payment history;
  • Process KYC data;
  • Check clients’ income.
Enjoy full payment system automation with the following features:
  • Repayments and loan disbursements;
  • Payment data management;
  • Disbursements from several stakeholders (for instance, vendor/ escrow/ distributor/ merchant);
  • Milestone billing & progress payments.

One data management solution for all your operation needs

Direct connection between your lending platform and CRM/ERP software.

Efficient accounting & automated report generation.

Communicating with your clients directly through your lending platform.

Business intelligence & analytics using Google Analytics, PowerBI, Looker, or Tableau.

Advanced risk management with the help of external scorecards and AI-driven Compassway Decision Engine.

Our value proposition

Codeless integration with services and products using an advanced API gateway.
A unified all-encompassing solution to automate all business processes.
Pre-configured integration solutions to bring the best business performance results.
A built-in credit decisioning powered by AI.